Event photographer Amsterdam

Are you looking for a good photographer for your business event in Amsterdam? Amsterdam is a main spot for organising these events, with many suitable venues Рboth in the center of the city or juist outside of it.

As a professional photographer I have almost a decade of experience photographing business events. Internal events such as kick offs but also extern events as congresses or events oriented at customers. Think of: social media, newsletters, website, et cetera.

Photographing such events is important for internal and external marketing. They can be challenging since there’s many aspects a photographer needs to take into consideration, and also because sometimes the light can be challenging.¬†And of course, not every photographer is able to photograph the event in a vivid and story-telling style.

Apart from the quality of photography, speed of delivery is also an important aspect.

If you’re looking for a photographer that can handle these challenges, look no further! I’d be pleased to give you a custom quote for photographing your business event in Amsterdam.

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